wave i4. Industrie 4.0 software and database solution.

wave i4 is a universal platform for database applications. It consists of a basic system and numerous application packages. Applications can be customized to the individual requirements of your business and can be integrated into one single user interface.  The unique platform enables the development of new integrated packages for mapping your individual Industrie 4.0 requirements.


Industrie 4.0 software: Identify opportunities – master challenges.

In view of the 4th industrial revolution many enterprises realize that data can be collected, analyzed and used in a profitable way across all divisions: in order to control processes, create more efficient structures or in general to increase competitiveness.

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What kind of data is relevant?

Every company has to decide for itself what kind of data is relevant to them according to their aims and ideas. There are valuable data sources in every business unit, e.g. R&D, manufacturing or IT. Corporate components provide valuable data for example manufacturing systems, sensors, IT systems, databases, employees (with the latest contracts and services) etc.

Ideas and aims

Jedes Unternehmen muss eigene Ideen und Lösungen entwickeln, mit denen es die Herausforderungen und Chancen der Industrie 4.0 Revolution bestmöglich bestehen bzw. nutzen kann.

How can this be realized?

The implementation requires tools which help to realize strategies and ideas fast and safely. There are no standard „off-the-rack“ Industrie 4.0 software solutions available and these cannot be implemented overnight. On the contrary, Industrie 4.0 projects are scheduled for years or presumably never end. There are always new findings, requirements or optimizations because nowadays methods, processes, findings and regulations change constantly and more rapidly than ever before.

4.0 requires new software

Many companies start to implement their concepts and ideas by means of new software solutions. This is done by in-house and/or third-party development. But how many companies are familiar with software development at all? Doubtless this is seldom part of their core business. Executive managers are often insecure about the practical use of such solutions, their real costs and benefits. How great is the danger of failure? Can deadlines be kept?

Master challenges

In a survey conducted by McKinsey and the university of Oxford more than 2,000 IT projects were examined. The results show: Only a small number of IT projects comply with the planned cost and time limits. Especially custom software projects exceeded budget by 32% and timeframe by no less than 71% on average. In 45% of all cases customers were not satisfied with the results. So why starting from scratch and taking the risks of developing new software while there already exists an appropriate and unique solution?

Numerous software solutions

In general, enterprises run countless software applications: ERP, Access solutions, databases, excel files, special applications, in-house solutions and many more. Applications are often inhomogeneous, have different user interfaces and data cannot be evaluated across platforms. They are often stand-alone solutions slightly connected by interfaces.

How to integrate?

Many applications are not designed flexible enough. Generally, an application fulfills only those requirements it had been designed for. The effort of integrating various applications into one system – for example in one ERP system – is a huge and very expensive task. Subsequent adjustments and amendments are complex. Distinctive IT knowledge is required. But often there is no adequate supply of IT experts available.

Industrie 4.0 Software-Integration: Horizontal and vertical integration.

Relevant data from different business units are integrated, transformed, evaluated and used for controlling processes. Company specific data may originate from manufacturing, shipped products, master data, human resources or sensors in technical systems.

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Integration of typical company data in wave i4.



Powerful tools for an efficient integration of Industrie 4.0 data.

Companies need appropriate, powerful tools to develop and implement Industrie 4.0 processes and innovations. This is exactly what wave i4 offers enterprises thus enabling them to implement their individual solutions rapidly by simple technical means and at low  cost. wave i4 comprises all functionalities, modular packages and interfaces generally required by database solutions. In addition, wave i4 provides several applications which can be integrated immediately upon request, i.e. employee’s activity recording, procurement and contract management and many more. Due to its modular package structure wave i4 consolidates all enterprise data accumulated by individual applications, i.e. excel spreadsheets, database or other software solutions. The advantage: wave i4 unlocks the  potential of data in previously siloed enterprise applications and provides consistent user experience across different applications, easy installation and maintenance of IT, overall evaluations, dashboards and KPIs and many more.

Components of wave i4.

Basic system+

wave i4 basic system covers all functionalities generally required for database applications. So what would be more obvious – in view of so many existing applications deployed within enterprises – than using the same functionalities and modular packages over and over again, for example user interface, document management systems, addresses, report generator, form generator, WEB clients, dashboards, …?


Packages upgrade the basic system for those applications required by enterprises. Packages are working together within a single installation even if they were developed independently of each other. A large number of packages is already available for example production facilities, budget, employees, materials, projects and many more.

Development platform+

Packages can be adjusted individually or entirely new ones can be created by DESIGNER and CONSTRUCTOR (system construction kit). The graphic development platform allows to insert input fields via drag and
drop, move fields, configure user rights, define new processes or even create entire new software packages. Newly developed software packages fit seamlessly into any IT landscape.

Modular design of wave i4.


Exemplary representation of  wave i4 software system modules.

Rechteverwaltung – Anwenderrechte und Rollen
Dokumentenmanagement Software DMS

Anwenderrechte & Rollen

Das in waveware® integrierte Systempaket regelt die Verwaltung von Anwenderkonten. Anwendern können Rollen zugeordnet werden, über welche sich Berechtigungen detailliert konfigurieren lassen. Über Restriktionen erhalten nur autorisierte Personen Zugriff auf sensible Daten.



Das vollständig integrierte Auftragsmanagement ermöglicht die professionelle Verwaltung der unterschiedlichsten Auftrags­arten (Eigen- und Fremdbeauftragung) sowie von unterschiedlichen Datensätzen (Aufträge, Buchhaltung, Garantie etc.).

Dokumentenmanagement Software DMS

Auswertung & Analyse

Das umfassende Analyse-Tool ermöglicht durch die enorme Detailtiefe und uneingeschränkte Flexibilität der Konfiguration eine syste­matische Auswertung sämtlicher Daten. Einsparpotentiale werden erkannt, Schwachstellen aufgedeckt und Benchmarkings ermittelt.

Dokumentenmanagement Software DMS


Die Verwaltung von digitalen Dokumenten mittels Dokumentenmanagementsystem gewinnt in vielen Bereichen des FM und der Instandhaltung mehr und mehr an Bedeutung. In wave Facilities integriert sich zu diesem Zweck ein ausgereiftes DMS.

Dokumentenmanagement Software DMS


Mit dem Systempaket Formulargenerator können Sie individuelle Druckformulare selbst erzeugen oder auf mitgelieferte Druckformulare zurückgreifen. Drucken Sie Listen, Etiketten und sogar QR- sowie Barcodes mithilfe der intuitiven, schrittweise vorgehenden Menüführung.

Dokumentenmanagement Software DMS


Das Katalogsystem unterstützt Schnelleingaben, vereinfacht die Begriffssuche und stellt sowohl die Qualität als auch die Auswertbarkeit des Datenbestands der CAFM-Daten sicher. In den zahlreichen Katalogen können zu jedem Eintrag vielfältige Informationen hinterlegt werden.



Visualisiert zusammenhängende Daten in Form von Bäumen oder Listen und ermöglicht so eine schnelle Navigation durch den Datenbestand. Optimale Datenübersicht durch unterschiedliche Darstellungsvarianten.

Dokumentenmanagement Software DMS


Im Servicekoordinator können waveware®-Anwender individuelle Statistiken, Listen und Auswertungen anlegen, abspeichern und anderen Nutzern über einen Schnellzugang zur Verfügung stellen. Enorme Effizienzsteigerung durch einen verbesserten Workflow im CAFM-System.

Dokumentenmanagement Software DMS


Die integrierte Personalverwaltungssoftware von wave Facilities ermöglicht Ihnen eine vollständige Erfassung von Personal mit allen relevanten Daten. Auch erbrachte Leistungen können umfangreich in der Software verwaltet und ausgewertet werden.

Dokumentenmanagement Software DMS


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Exemplary representation of  wave i4 extension packages.

Benefits of the wave i4 database and software solution.