Automotive manufacturers and suppliers

The automotive industry remains dynamic and is influenced by economic, environmental as well as social changes. New technologies and concepts require rethinking on several levels.


Hospitals and healthcare

Whether hospital, care facility or doctor’s practice – there are many things to consider when using medical facilities and equipment. We support you in your technical, legal and commercial requirements at the same time.

FM Services

Facility management service provider

With flexibly combinable packages, wave Facilities is the optimal solution for the diverse application areas in facility management. The CAFM software can be used by service providers themselves as well as for a customer.

Industry Sector

Industry and manufacturing

complex manufacturing and production facilities are used everywhere. Our CAFM solution ensures smooth maintenance and much more. Flexibility is our strength.

IT & Software

IT sector and software manufacturers

IT companies must always stay up to date and recognize trends at an early stage. The use of our modular software system supports you in many business processes. For more concentration on your main business.

Public Authority

Federal, state, municipality, commune and city

Federal, state and local governments have a large number of public facilities. The main task is to ensure the budget and the quality of the buildings. We would be happy to show you why our CAFM solution provides the perfect support.


Logistics, transport, traffic and infrastructure

The logistics industry is highly dynamic. Driven by economic and socio-political trends, it must constantly withstand competitive pressure. CAFM software helps logistics companies maintain an overview and save costs.

Real Estate

Property and real estate management

Owners and managers need meaningful key figures on the costs and benefits of their real estate. This is the only way to ensure that real estate is operated economically. CAFM software provides all the necessary information.


Universities and research centers

Universities and research centers often have powerful building complexes, which are located on large areas. wave Facilities supports the management of buildings, inventory and processes in research and teaching.


Banks, insurance companies and financial service providers

Banks, insurance companies and other financial service providers often have large administrative centers. Branches are being cost-optimized as online service providers exert pressure and cash services lose importance.


Wholesale, retail and mail-order companies

Retail companies are undergoing major changes. Processes should be more and more standardized and automated. CAFM supports companies in reducing their fixed costs and adapts to industry-specific characteristics.

Church & Social

Churches and social institutions

Churches own a large number of properties. Many of them are listed buildings that require a great deal of maintenance. The use of a powerful CAFM solution therefore holds enormous savings potential.