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Over 35 years of experience in the market. Here we show you some examples from our customer list. Customers who stand for successfully realized projects. Convince yourself of the flexibility and ergonomics of waveware®.


“wave Facilities offers all kinds of connecting points for integrating mobility and digitization in a sustainable way. We are thus ideally equipped for future challenges.”

– Dr. M. Haushahn, Project Leader of the CAFM Implementation

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MERKUR Immobilien

“With today’s level of knowledge, the decisions made are confirmed. Both the decision for a CAFM system and for the software from Loy & Hutz were absolutely important and appropriate for us.”

– Head of Facility Management

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Hochschule Osnabrück

“As a leading CAFM provider, Loy & Hutz gives us the security of knowing that we are relying on a long-term CAFM solution.”

– E. Strauss, Project Manager CAFM

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“Thanks to Designer and System Rule Editor, we benefit greatly from being able to do a lot of customizing ourselves, such as changing fields or catalogs.”

– C. Hader, Project Manager CAFM

Heuser Medizintechnik GmbH

“Previously, our customers had to update each appliance test manually. With wave Facilities, it now only takes a few minutes to complete an appliance inspection and update the schedule.”

– M. Hobein, Owner and Managing Director

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Goethe-Universität Frankfurt

“With wave Facilities, all data which is relevant for real estate can be flexibly evaluated in one system. It supports daily work and provides resilient bases for decision-making.”

– I. Grigull, Team Leader CAFM

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Logistics Group International

“With wave Facilities, we can adapt the software individually to our needs. Our processes can also be mapped and optimized in a very variable way.”

– J. Osterheld, Former Head of Facility Management

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Internationaler Bund

“The wave Facilities interface looks very good, is extremely easy to use and is positively received by all employees without exception.”

– T. Bierbaum, System Administrator FM

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Katholisches Klinikum Bochum

“The multitude of new functions and improvements not only increases the clarity, but also ensures a significantly higher working speed.”

– B. Wendels, Project Manager CAFM

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Landschaftsverband Rheinland (LVR)

“The cooperation went flawlessly. The LH team responded quickly and with technical precision to requests and excelled in a structured way of working.”

– A. Goergen, Product Manager CAFM

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“In terms of software architecture, the wave Facilities system represents, in our view, the most modern CAFM system currently available on the market.”

– M. Graß, Team Leader IT Solutions

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“The experienced approach of the Loy & Hutz project manager helped us to shape and concretize our own ideas.”

– A. Reindl, Facility Manager

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ZECH Facility Management
(formerly BAM ID)

“The strengths of wave Facilities lie in its high level of customizability as well as a modern and mature administrability and system structure.”

– T. Novotny, CAFM Administrator

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