Vanessa Kaltenbach | Quality Management

As a former working student, Vanessa now heads our quality management. She is responsible for the organization around the release of new waveware® versions. In close coordination with development and project management, she coordinates and organizes the implementation of innovations and optimizations. Her daily ambition is to sustainably increase the quality of our products together with her international team.

Q&A with Vanessa

What is your job/position and what are your day-to-day tasks?

As team leader of quality management, I am mainly responsible for the organization around the release of new waveware® versions. On the one hand, this includes ensuring that deadlines are met on the way to the release version. On the other hand, I coordinate and organize the implementation of both new features and bug fixes in coordination with my colleagues from development and project management. Within the team, I distribute the software areas for the review of innovations, quality assurance tests and the creation and expansion of our standardized test plans.

Which tools do you mainly use for your work?

Most of the time I work with our internal software waveware® QPRO to organize the version releases. Here, I mainly use the ticket system to report software bugs, manage customer tickets and get an overview of existing waveware® issues and requirements. I also use MS Teams on a daily basis to coordinate with the other business units.

What challenges drive you the most?

As a quality manager, I want to constantly improve our processes and, building on this, permanently increase our quality. In doing so, it is particularly important to achieve a balance between establishing new features and optimizing existing functionalities.

Where can you best contribute your strengths?

Since I already worked as a student in software testing for Loy & Hutz for several years before I became a permanent employee, I am very familiar with the product- and company-specific processes and benefit from the close cooperation with my colleagues. My strengths lie primarily in the areas of coordination and organization. They help me to maintain the necessary holistic overview I need during the preparations for the release of waveware® versions.

What do you like most about your job?

What I like most are the different areas and topics and the various tasks they entail. I also appreciate the cooperation and exchange with my colleagues in an international team.

What are you most passionate about outside of work?

As a balance to office work, you can find me in my free time mostly in nature. Either mountain biking on Freiburg’s local mountain with my JobRad or on long walks with my dog.