waveware® FAT

Basic installation of waveware®

waveware® FAT is the classic way to use waveware® and is permanently installed as a local software application on a desktop PC or laptop. The FAT client provides all functions and applications of waveware®.

waveware® MOBILE

Mobile solution of waveware®

The mobile solution enables convenient use of waveware® via app on smartphone or tablet. This means that data and processes from facility management, maintenance and other areas are available for mobile access.

waveware® WEB

HTML5 web client of waveware®

waveware® WEB is a web interface based on HTML5. As a supplement to the standard installation of waveware® (FAT client), it offers the use of the software functionalities via web browser – with an almost identical user interface.

waveware® NETPROCESS

ASP.NET client of waveware®

Specific processes of solutions such as the CAFM software wave Facilities are made available to users via the web. After a brief introduction, the functionalities can be used by any user via the intuitive input interface.