CAFM software – Facility management software

A professional CAFM software (Computer-aided facility management software) supports the digital, paperless and thus cost-saving, efficient management of your buildings.

Digital facility management: efficient and a safe investment

wave Facilities is an individually customizable software solution – specifically tailored to the requirements of facility management (FM) and maintenance. The comprehensive CAFM software enables you to fully digitally map all FM processes. The modular structure offers the possibility to set any focus through a customer-specific compilation. The result is a flexible CAFM system that adapts individually to your facility management needs.

Effortlessly expand the CAFM software wave Facilities with a variety of modules that support you in the operation, management and maintenance of your buildings. These include, for example, key management, cleaning management, area management or the central ticket system.

What is waveware®?

The software platform waveware®

waveware® is a comprehensive platform for the creation of business applications. The CAFM software wave Facilities and all software packages from Loy & Hutz are based on waveware® technology. With the help of the development platform, database programs (software packages) are developed quickly and flexibly and can be integrated into a holistic, intelligent solution.

What is wave Facilities?

The CAFM software wave Facilities

A member of the waveware® product family is wave Facilities. The maintenance and CAFM software solution is ready-to-use and can be extended at any time thanks to its modular structure as in a plug-in system. The result is a flexible CAFM system that can be individually adapted to your needs in facility management, maintenance, medical technology, materials management and many other areas.

Flexible CAFM software

You are not sure how to digitize your facility management yet? Simply start with the exact processes you need for your company without any worries. No more and no less. Even if your business processes change unexpectedly – you can upgrade packages and functions at any time. Due to its modular structure, the CAFM software wave Facilities flexibly adapts to your company. The packages can be combined with each other and can also be extended as needed during ongoing operation.

CAFM extension packages

Modular software design

Our development department and partner companies are constantly improving existing application packages and adding new ones. In this way, you can optimally map your business processes and are well equipped for the future. A major advantage: You can unite different applications under a uniform software interface. This not only reduces the workload for your IT and training departments. The different applications interlock seamlessly and do not have to be connected via complex interfaces.

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CAFM customizing

Versatile customization options

The special feature: each module can be customized individually. Are you afraid of a high time and programming effort? On the contrary. Thanks to the trend-setting graphical development with waveware® DESIGNER (surface customization) and waveware® CONSTRUCTOR (system construction kit), the surface and functionality of the CAFM software wave Facilities can be adapted to your personal wishes in a short time. The complete mask design can be adapted to your needs. Fields, tables, catalogs, object types and processes can be freely designed. Even the classic facility management structure “Property > Building > Floor > Room” can be broken down, expanded or reduced according to your individual wishes with the FM-FLEX package.

waveware® CONSTRUCTOR   waveware® DESIGNER

Benefit from transparent processes

Integrated as standard in wave Facilities, you have a powerful evaluation tool. Especially the speed and the large variety of evaluation options make wave Facilities a leading maintenance and CAFM software. Track down inefficient processes with just a few clicks. Subsequently eliminate these processes to achieve enormous savings. Request a trial now and become a cost detective.

Evaluations in seconds

Extensive filters, lists, etc.

The CAFM software wave Facilities has a powerful evaluation and analysis tool. This evaluates the data stock and creates expressive statistics. In this way, you maintain an overview and have an optimal data basis for making decisions. Our CAFM software offers completely new possibilities:

  1. Creation of user-specific lists
  2. Settings for evaluations and lists can be saved and reused
  3. Data records of a list can be edited at once. For example: “Assign all faults”.
  4. Evaluations can be displayed as list windows, calendars, Excel spreadsheets, graphics and more
  5. Results can be reused in self-defined processes
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Live monitoring and graphical display of evaluations

Visualizations in real time

With the DASHBOARD you monitor processes and parameters in real time during operation. As a basis for important decisions, the DASHBOARD visualizes all relevant CAFM key figures. Parameters, limit values and warning ranges can be adjusted to your needs. With this tool, you will never miss a critical development. These are immediately identified, displayed and can be directly reported in a variety of ways.

The DASHBOARD information displayed can be controlled on a user-specific basis. A user may only see the information that is released for his role
The DASHBOARD is displayed in a separate window. This allows you to work ergonomically and freely design the interface according to your own preferences

Through the escalation management ESCALATION, limit values can be provided with an alarm. If a critical value is exceeded, predefined persons are immediately notified by e-mail.


Support of numerous interfaces

Do you want to work with CAD drawings in the CAFM software or connect your existing SAP® system? With wave Facilities you don’t have to maintain processes twice. The CAFM software supports a wide range of interfaces that greatly simplify your everyday workflows. Simply import your CAD drawing, your ERP data base or connect a measuring device. With the help of the REG-IS interface, you ensure your operator responsibility and keep an eye on your legal security. Request a non-binding trial right now and convince yourself of the new CAFM software generation wave Facilities.

CAD interface to AutoCAD®

Bidirectional DWG interface

With the CAFM software wave Facilities, data and drawings are merged in one system. AutoCAD®, DWG or DGN drawing data can be imported unidirectionally. After the initial import, an optional bidirectional DWG interface is available. Room size changes in CAD are directly synchronized with the CAFM database. Historical data is also evaluated. The bidirectional coupling also enables detailed relocation planning based on AutoCAD®. Different variants can be run through and organized for relocations.

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ERP interface to SAP®, NAVISION® and other systems

Individual interface configuration

For customers who work with SAP®, we offer the ideal interface with ERP-INTERFACE. With this, a fast and effective data exchange between wave Facilities and SAP® is possible. A change in the SAP® system is immediately recognized and transferred to wave Facilities. ERP-INTERFACE uses standard modules predefined by SAP® such as RFC (Remote Function Control) or BAPI (Business Application Programming Interface). This facilitates integration into your existing SAP® system and ensures smooth communication. With ERP-INTERFACE, even complex processes can be mapped with multiple bidirectional communication.

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Interface to test equipment and safety testers

Ensuring electrical safety

Safety testers ensure compliance with standards for electrical equipment. wave Facilities supports interfaces to a wide range of safety testers. By importing data, test results are transferred to the system and documented. Tasks are automatically created and filled with the imported measured values. Dates can be updated automatically. The REMOTE extension package enables automated tester control.

A reliable partner at your side

Loy & Hutz has more than 35 years of software experience. As the market leader, we continuously develop our CAFM software wave Facilities and provide you with regular updates. wave Facilities is fully certified according to all 18 criteria catalogs of GEFMA Guideline 444. As a self-financed company with stable sales growth, we operate independently of third parties. We focus exclusively on the interests of our customers. With the latest CAFM software, you are ready for the future. Because our slogan is more than just an empty phrase. We develop the future. This is also confirmed by the renewed award “BEST OF 2015” in the category industry software of the German “Initiative Mittelstand”.

Certification according to GEFMA Guideline 444

The CAFM software wave Facilities was successfully subjected to the certification according to guideline GEFMA 444. The following criteria catalogs were successfully tested:

Basic Catalog ✓

Space Management ✓

Maintenance Management ✓

Inventory Management ✓

Cleaning Management ✓

Room and Asset Reservation ✓

Locking System Management ✓

Relocation Management ✓

Leasing Management ✓

Energy Controlling ✓

Safety and Occupational Health ✓

Environmental Protection Management ✓

Help and Service Desk ✓

Budget Management und Cost Tracking ✓

Building Information Modeling ✓

Contract Management ✓

Workplace Management ✓

IoT Data Processing ✓

Innovation Award IT in the category “Industry Software”

ausgezeichnete cafm software waveware

In 2012, Loy & Hutz first presented the new CAFM software generation wave Facilities with the development tools waveware® CONSTRUCTOR and waveware® DESIGNER, with which wave Facilities was graphically implemented. The award in 2015 as “BEST OF” in the category “industry software” now confirms the maturation process that waveware® has undergone in recent years. The development of countless new software packages, extensions and features shows the enormous innovation potential of the software. The foundation for this was laid many years ago – with the decision to create our own development platform.

With waveware®, project partners, customers and also third-party companies are now given access to this development platform. It offers a set of individually customizable ready-to-use modules that can be used to create a professional database software solution in a short time. The development with drag & drop offers unlimited development possibilities and full flexibility – even without programming knowledge.

For twelve years now, the Innovation Award IT has been presented at CeBIT to companies that stand out for their special achievements in various categories. This year, too, the jury had to make a selection from thousands of applications in 41 categories. The jury of experts awarded waveware® the title “BEST OF 2015” as an exceptional product.

Loy & Hutz is a founding member of the German “CAFM-Ring”

The German “CAFM-Ring” is a “voluntary, open, independent association of leading CAFM software houses in Germany for the benefit and well-being of users and customers in the market”, which is open to every market participant along the value chain around real estate objects. On the basis of consistent customer orientation, the “CAFM-Ring” is supported by the principles of fairness in free competition, the pursuit of transparent quality standards as well as the competence, performance and sustainability of its members. It promotes scientific knowledge, transparency and the quality of CAFM in the German-speaking market by providing studies and information free of charge, holding events and cooperating with other relevant institutions.