Dr. Florian Kemper | Application Development

As a team leader in application development, Florian coordinates new projects and important agreements with other company divisions. He also uses graphical development tools of waveware® to translate processes “from the real world” into user-friendly software solutions. What he particularly likes about his work is abstracting complex issues in order to efficiently extend systems or develop completely new features.

Q&A with Florian

What is your job/position and what are your day-to-day tasks?

As a team leader of application development, my work is divided into two main areas. The first is the organizational supervision of the team, the coordination of various projects and the consultation with the other divisions. The second main area focuses on designing and developing new software applications.

Which tools do you mainly use for your work?

In addition to the normal tools for everyday office work, I mainly work with the waveware® development tools. With the waveware® DESIGNER I create the data structure and design the user interface, with the waveware® CONSTRUCTOR I program the process logic in a graphical environment.

What challenges drive you the most?

What I find most exciting is the wide variety of requirements that our software applications have to meet. For development, this means that we are constantly thinking about how processes from the real world can be mapped in the software. Efficiency and user-friendliness are very important premises here.

Where can you best contribute your strengths?

As a lateral entrant with a background in natural science research, I am used to analyzing and abstracting complex issues. This is very helpful in planning software applications when extensive processes have to be broken down into their components.

What do you like most about your job?

What I like most is the varied work and the opportunity to have a direct influence on the further development of our software. It is particularly exciting not only to expand existing systems, but also to be involved in the development of completely new features.

What are you most passionate about outside of work?

In my free time, I am often out in nature on my mountain bike or gravel bike. In the evenings you can meet me regularly at West Coast Swing dancing.