Red pin = Documents available

The red pin 📌 indicates that files are stored in waveware® document management. Whether invoices, contracts, reports, building plans, photos or logs, all documents can be attached to the correct place with waveware® document management (DMS). Document management is included as a standard system function in waveware®.


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Quick access for evaluations

The waveware® service coordinator ⭐ is the quick access to evaluations and lists you created and makes them available company-wide if required. The standard integrated system function enables an improved workflow by providing direct access to important data.


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More structure thanks to keywords

With the system function TAGS 🏷️, to-dos can be structured, quickly retrieved and comprehensively evaluated using keywords. This makes finding relevant information a walk in the park. The waveware® analysis tool, which is also included as a standard, provides TAGS as an additional filter option for customized evaluations. This means that all data tagged with a specific keyword can be displayed with just a few clicks.


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Visualization with the help of icons

waveware® contains over 2,400 icons. These are the small symbols that visualize buttons, functions and objects. Thanks to them, the user interface becomes more intuitive and appealing. They make clear and effective communication of functions and content possible which makes it easier to navigate our software solutions.

Quickly retrieve the first/last data record

Did you know? In the card view, clicking on [Ctrl] in combination with the “Previous” or “Next” button opens the first or last data record. This works in both the waveware® Web and Windows clients. A simple click on “Previous” or “Next” opens the previous or next data record as usual.