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Standard products based on waveware® are stand-alone software applications for different areas. They are ready-to-use stand-alone solutions with a fixed scope of services. On request, standard products can be extended to a full-featured waveware® individual software.

wave PABM

Maintenance Costs Forecast for Buildings

Maintenance measures are essential for every building. However, this requires forecasts that depict the costs of maintenance measures as realistically as possible over years in advance. The standard software wave PABM offers the possibility to collect building data and to create a maintenance cost forecast for the next 40 years based on the PABM method.


Test Data Software with Interface to IZYTRONIQ

WAVE IQ is a new test data software by Loy & Hutz with interface to IZYTRONIQ by Gossen Metrawatt. As the successor to the software PS3, WAVE IQ enables the import of test data from the new IQ product range and the older generations of test instruments (SECUSTAR and SECUTEST). In addition, data from test instruments of the brands Bender and S.P.L. Elektronik can be processed.

More information about our standard products

The waveware® Service Center offers interested companies the opportunity to obtain a trial of our standard products. Register your company now to test wave PABM or WAVE IQ for 30 days free of charge.

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