waveware® system functions – always included

System functions are standard included functions that make waveware® so special. Here you will find basic functionalities such as a powerful SQL database application, extensive FM catalogs or integrated address management. Many system functions are unique selling points of waveware®: The powerful evaluation tool enables complex and extensive data evaluations in just a few seconds. With the integrated document management, you can manage original documents that can be easily assigned to an object using drag & drop. Discover all of our system functions.

The most important system functions in detail

All system functions at a glance

Standard functions of waveware®

Even in its standard version, the waveware® system has a lot to offer: User rights & roles, order management, evaluation & analysis, data export, data import, data restrictions, document management, favorites, FM basic catalogs, form generator, validities, calendar, index card system, catalog system, multi-data change, multitasking, navigator, staff management, quick search, service coordinator, software architecture, serial appointments, history and many other functions.

Behind each of these system function terms are, in turn, numerous system functions. Download the PDF and discover the extensive possibilities that waveware® already offers you in the standard version.

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Extend the standard

The waveware® system can be extended individually and adapted to your needs. Simply start with exactly the processes you need for your company. No more and no less. Even if your business processes change unexpectedly, this is no problem: You can upgrade applications and functions at any time. The special feature: All applications interact with the system functions described above and interlock seamlessly.